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Mortgage Lender’s Guide to C-PACE

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In every instance, C-PACE financing from Bayview PACE will seek consent from any mortgage holder on the property. C-PACE financing is non-recourse, low-rate, and long-term (up to 30 years) capital that stays attached to the property after a sale. C-PACE financing is designed to provide critical funds to enable a property owner to execute their vision and in some cases provide critical capital to cover their mortgage. Obtaining senior lender consent is a crucial component of the C-PACE funding process. That’s where Bayview PACE stands apart from other providers.

Our longstanding relationships with senior lenders across the country help us move faster and with more certainty during each transaction. We understand these lenders’ needs, so we specialize in providing structuring solutions that offer sufficient protection for all parties.

This helps us get to “yes” on more C-PACE deals than the competition.